Dental Crowns, Partial Crowns (Inlays/Onlays) & Bridges

Full-Coverage & Partial-Coverage Crowns

Sometimes, a tooth is so damaged that a regular filling may not be able provide enough support for the tooth. In these cases, we recommend doing partial or full coverage crowns. They offer excellent support and provide better stability and strength for damaged teeth than regular fillings. Depending on the case, crowns may also be used for esthetic reasons to correct small gaps between teeth or misshapen/discolored teeth.


Dental Bridges

A bridge can be used to fill in an entire missing tooth or a couple missing teeth as long as there are natural teeth flanking both sides of the missing area. For patients who do not wish to place dental implants or are not good candidates for an implant procedure, a bridge is able to restore your teeth. We simply prepare the teeth around the missing area as if we were doing full coverage crowns. Then we instruct the dental lab to link the two crowns with a fake tooth between them that will fit nicely into the area where you have the missing tooth/teeth.

Crowns and bridges appointments typically take two to three visits to complete. Once the fit is right and you are satisfied with the corwn/bridge, we will cement it to your prepared teeth. With proper care and oral hygiene, crowns and bridges are meant to last a long time before needing replacement. We offer a full range of high quality crown materials and we will work together with you to choose the appropriate material for you during our time together.