What dental insurance do you accept?

We accept all PPO Dental Insurance.


In-Network and Out-of-Network

Whether we are in-network or out-of-network with your dental insurance, we can happily get you the smile you want.

The main difference with being in or out of network is the amount of services that your dental benefits will cover.

Give us a call and we can contact your insurance for you and give you an estimate of your out-of-pocket costs: (213) 908-2003


What if I don’t have dental insurance?

Don’t worry.

If you don't have PPO insurance or you are trying to find ways to cover the difference between your treatment cost and insurance payment, we offer financing and flexible payment plans through CareCredit® and Square Installments®.

We truly believe that finances should not get in the way of achieving good oral health. We will always provide you with alternative treatment plans that are more affordable than the ideal treatment plan. We will work with you in finding a balance between affordability and sustainable oral health.

Give us a call and let’s find a plan that is right for you: (213) 908-2003


What about HMO, DMO, Medicaid, or Denti-Cal Insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not accept HMO, DMO, or Denti-Cal.

All is not lost! we can still treat you, but you will likely need to cover the cost of all treatments. Give us a call and we can find options for you: (213) 908-2003