Proud to be a Dentist in DTLA


It's no secret that Downtown LA has been going through tremendous growth in the past decade. It seems that every corner has a new high rise being constructed or entire historical districts being revitalized with new shops and restaurants. DTLA has truly transformed from a ghost town after 5 pm, to a hot spot that draws people from all parts of the world at all hours of the day, seven days a week. As a transplant who moved to Downtown LA over a decade ago in 2006, I have been a witness to the rise of Downtown LA and like to think that I grew up alongside the neighborhood. Together we learned to embrace change and to welcome new people.

Downtown has given me lifelong friends and indelible memories embedded in different corners of the town I am thankful for this place for giving me so much during my formidable years as a young adult. And so I consider it my responsibility to give back to this town. As a dentist, as a healthcare practitioner, as a healer, I am truly excited to be part of this community and look forward to serving its people to the best of my abilities.

We look to source all our decorations, lotions, and products from local shops and businesses. Our flowers are fresh from the DTLA flower market, pottery from Chantry 1975, hand lotion from the Aesop shop a few blocks away. We have collaborations with other local business and actively offer discounts to local employees. DTLA is our home and we love being a part of it.

  • Dr. Kevin Chin