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We take pride in our work and are happy to share with you our growing smile gallery. We focus on giving our patients a natural look and feel when it comes to their smile restorations. When it comes to the materials and tools that we use, we are very selective — all to ensure that our patients leave looking their best, naturally. Our smile gallery is constantly growing, so check back here for updates.

It’s relatively uncommon to get a cavity on the flat surfaces of the front teeth. In this case, it was because the patient had braces for a while; because the brackets and wires are in the way, it’s extremely hard to keep teeth clean with conventional braces.

Eventually, the enamel around the bracket becomes an ideal place for bacterial growth, causing enamel to decalcify (soften), allowing it to penetrate the inner dentin layer where it can rapidly spread.

Thankfully, we were able to easily remove all of the cavity and restore the tooth with composite material

Life happens and you might find yourself with a tooth-related emergency. I’m here to help!
Horizontal fracture of a central incisor from an accident. We temporarily fixed the tooth with composite material. The goal is to eventually do some porcelain veneers so that we can get nicely aligned incisors!

Treatment of a large cavity with porcelain onlay (partial coverage crown).

The cavity is fairly large and deep. It’s also located in an area that would’ve been challenging to do a regular filling because of all the saliva/fluids from the cheek right next to the tooth.

The cavity is removed along with any other weakened tooth structure. A negative impression of the prepared tooth is taken and sent to the dental lab where a ceramist will be making the onlay restoration.

The onlay is fitted and adjusted for seamless margins and then bonded in permanently. The photo is a bit blurry, but this case turned out really nice and actually didn’t need any adjustments before bonding, thanks to our awesome ceramist, Jun, at Bennet Dental Lab! 👌👌👌


Zoom! Whitening can produce dramatic results in under an hour.

Composite Bonding for a chipped tooth

Composite Bonding for a chipped tooth

Whitening and composite bonding

Whitening and composite bonding