Tooth Extraction and Socket Grafting

Sometimes, it's necessary to remove a tooth. The tooth has either lost too much surrounding bone due to gum disease that it no longer makes sense to do any restoration on it, or there is direct damage to the tooth that is so extensive that even a root canal and crown cannot be done to save it. In these cases, we have to remove the tooth.We will make sure you are completely anesthetized before the extraction.

After the extraction, we highly recommend the placement of a socket graft material inside the tooth socket, especially for front teeth. This will help preserve bone height and thickness as well as help with quicker healing of the socket. We want to preserve bone height and thickness because this will ultimately dictate how the gum sits in that extraction area. The thicker and higher the bone level around the extraction site, the more gum tissue there is to work with. This will allow for a more esthetically pleasing result when it comes to replacing the tooth that has been removed (you can always take away gum easily, but it's a lot more difficult to add more gum tissue). Socket grafting is a quick procedure done right after tooth removal and can save you months of waiting and a lot of money later on trying to build bone and gum tissue back up in the area.