Comprehensive Dentistry

Have you ever visited a dental office where the doctor spends about five minutes with you to look at your teeth, rattles off a bunch of things that need to be done, and then quickly bolts out to go see the patient next door? This kind of dentistry is all too common and is known as single-tooth dentistry. It's where the patient's entire oral condition is not taken into consideration and only the problem seen on each tooth is addressed. Unfortunately, many dental problems we have are not isolated events limited to a single tooth; they are often a part of a bigger issue that may involve several teeth or the entire mouth. In order to evaluate the true cause(s) of a certain dental problem, dentists need to spend more time with you. This is why we believe in comprehensive exams and comprehensive care.

We will spend time with you at your exam appointment to thoroughly evaluate your oral condition. A typical comprehensive exam takes about 1 hour and involves:

After the comprehensive exam, we will work together to come up with a treatment plan that is best suited for you. By doing it this way, we are able to provide you with quality treatment that isn't just a band-aid; we are striving to address the underlying causes, which will help bring your oral health to a healthy and sustainable level. This will save you time and money spent at the dentist down the line.